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The City of Oshawa is preparing the 2018 City Budget and we want to hear from you! Use our new interactive Balanced Budget tool below to balance the City's operating budget.

As a thank you, each Oshawa community member ages 18+ that completes the exercise will be entered into a draw for the chance to win 1 of 25 prizes! Prizes include $25 Canadian Tire gift cards, $25 Oshawa Centre gift cards, Oshawa Generals hockey tickets and a Fitness Membership! For prizing rules and eligibility, visit www.oshawa.ca/budget.

We look forward to sharing your feedback with City staff and Council during the 2018 budget process. This is a simulated budget exercise and your opportunity to suggest how you would allocate municipal spending. The service/funding levels are indicators of your preference for a small or larger increase or decrease in service areas and will be considered as part of the 2018 budget feedback.

Let’s get started

The City’s 2017 operating budget is $132 million and is used to deliver efficient and affordable services and includes funding/support for agencies and community groups. The 2017 capital budget is $34 million and is used to renew and invest in our core infrastructure. For every tax dollar collected, approximately 41 cents goes to the Region of Durham and 18 cents to local school boards; the City keeps 41 cents that is managed by operating and capital budgets. (Watch our video to learn more).

Have your say

We invite you to use our new interactive tool to tell us how you would balance the City’s operating budget.

Below is a list of operating service areas the City provides to our community and the 2017 funding amounts. Select “Learn More” to find out how much each service area costs per resident and for details on the specific services provided. Would you maintain, increase or decrease funding?

Your challenge is to balance the operating budget. As you add and take away funds, you must adjust funds in other service areas. We have provided you with a $250,000 margin, which would represent an approximate .25% increase or decrease to the City portion of your taxes.

As you choose your service levels, tell us what changes you would make to specific programs and services. To submit your budget related questions, visit Connect Oshawa.

Please note: the tool will not allow submissions of budgets that lie outside of the $250,000 margin. If this option is greyed out, please adjust your funding levels in service areas.

To begin, start with the first category below or navigate to a particular service area using the “Sections” menu. Your balance, surplus or deficit will adjust as you select funding levels in the service areas.

Change an activity to start

Economic Development Learn more

Your choice

Economic Development

Economic Development supports business retention and expansion; marketing and investment attraction; downtown and business development; and economic development research. It also provides for administration of the Urban Growth Centre and Simcoe Street South Community Improvement Programs and film permits.

Would you maintain, increase or decrease the budget for Economic Development?

External Agencies, Advisory Committees & Grants Learn more

Your choice

This provides funding for 5 external agencies (Oshawa Historical Society, Oshawa Public Libraries, Oshawa Senior Citizens Centres, Parkwood Foundation and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery) and financial support for local community groups through the Partnership and Anchor Grant Program. This also supports 4 Advisory Committees: Heritage Oshawa, Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee, Oshawa Active Transportation Advisory Committee and Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee.

Would you maintain, increase or decrease the budget for External Agencies, Advisory Committees & Grants?

Fire Services Learn more

Your choice

Oshawa Fire Services provides 911 dispatch, fire prevention, fire suppression and education. This supports the operation and maintenance of 6 fire stations and 29 vehicles, emergency call response and fire inspections. This does not include paramedic (ambulance) or police services as these services are provided by the Region of Durham.

Would you maintain, increase or decrease the budget for Fire Services?

Governance and Support Learn more

Your choice

Governance and Support

Governance and Support combines a number of services that support the ongoing operations of the corporation. This includes Administration, Corporate Expenditures, Executive & Legislative expenditures, and Facilities Management. It also supports Service Oshawa, which responds to approximately 130,000+ calls each year, in addition to providing customer service via email, online and in-person. Service Oshawa is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on business days and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Would you maintain, increase or decrease the budget for Governance and Support?

Municipal Law Enforcement & Licensing Learn more

Your choice

Municipal Law Enforcement & Licensing supports Oshawa residents and businesses by providing information about by-laws and applying standards to enhance and support public safety. This includes the investigation of complaints (11,000+ calls-for-service annually), public education, enforcement of standards, and research and policy development for by-laws. This also supports corporate security, licensing and permitting, and collecting and managing vital statistics for the Registrar General of Ontario.

Would you maintain, increase or decrease the budget for Municipal Law Enforcement & Licensing?

Operations Services (Parks, Waste & Environmental and Public Works) Learn more

Your choice

Operations Services

Operations Services provides for maintaining and operating the City’s infrastructure of roads, sidewalks, parking facilities, parks, trails, trees, playgrounds, animal services, cemetery services, underground assets and fleet. This includes winter control operations: salting and plowing City roads, and snow clearing assistance (sidewalk and driveway) for 2,000 households with seniors or people with disabilities. This also supports animal services (500+ pet adoptions annually), municipal parking, street and traffic lighting and provides for 100+ school crossing guards. Residential waste collection (green bin, garbage, seasonal yard waste) for 45,000+ homes and the maintenance of City roads, sidewalks, storm water sewer systems, municipal infrastructure, 130+ parks, 110+ playgrounds and 27-kilometre trail network are also included.

Would you maintain, increase or decrease the budget for Operations Services (Parks, Waste & Environmental and Public Works)?

Oshawa Executive Airport Learn more

Your choice

The Oshawa Executive Airport plays a key role in our local economy and supports medical, police, military, corporate and recreational needs for Durham Region, the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario. The airport offers dual runways, 300,000 square feet of hangar space and Canada Border Services and has 70,000+ aircraft movements annually.

Would you maintain, increase or decrease the budget for the Oshawa Executive Airport?

Planning, Building Permit & Inspections and Engineering Learn more

Your choice

Plannning Building Engineering

This supports municipal land use planning, including maintaining the Official Plan and Zoning By-law; development applications and agreements; Committee of Adjustment; long range and policy planning; administering the Brownfield and University Area Community Improvement programs; urban design and landscape design; and heritage planning. This also supports Building Permits & Building Inspections (zoning, building code information and technical advice to ensure our buildings are safe, healthy and accessible) and Engineering Services (management of our municipal infrastructure).

Would you maintain, increase or decrease the budget for Planning, Building Permit & Inspections and Engineering?

Recreation & Culture and Tribute Communities Centre Learn more

Your choice

Recreation and Culture

Recreation and Cultural Services promotes and operates 9 recreation facilities (including pools, ice pads, fitness centres, gymnasiums, meeting rooms) and delivers recreation, culture and leisure programs and services (e.g. fitness programs, sports and aquatic programs, general interest and arts programs, free summer playground program). This also supports 40+ annual events and facility/event sponsorship. This also includes the Tribute Communities Centre, Durham Region’s award-winning sports and entertainment facility.

Would you maintain, increase or decrease the budget for Recreation and Culture and Tribute Communities Centre?

Reserve & Capital Contributions Learn more

Your choice

Reserve funding allows for long-term financial planning and assists with fiscal sustainability. Reserve funds also provide a cushion to absorb unexpected shifts in revenues and expenditures, fund one-time expenditure requirements, contribute to the City’s capital infrastructure requirements and minimize fluctuations in taxes.

Would you maintain, increase or decrease the budget for Reserve & Capital Contributions?

Debt Management Learn more

Debt Management

Debt Management is included in the Operating Budget. This service area is fixed as it provides funding for existing debenture and interfund note payments. Debt financing for large capital projects provides the City with affordable financing.

Maintaining and Investing in the City’s infrastructure Learn more

The capital budget consists of expenditures for major projects (often referred to as “infrastructure”). The most common capital projects are for roads, vehicles/equipment, parks, sidewalks, trails, playgrounds, sports fields and buildings. It includes investments in key strategic priorities, as well as the major maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement of existing infrastructure. Annually, the City Budget includes a 1% dedicated infrastructure levy to support the capital budget that helps the City to renew and replace our aging infrastructure and contributes to sound long-term financial planning.

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Please rate the following statements.

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